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SPC results can be a Pirates playground

We know the preferred hangout of the traditional pirate is a deserted island (preferably one with lots of coconuts and a tame monkey or two).  But in Storage IT, the preferred Pirates hangout is definitely the SPC results page. There is … Continue reading

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Installing the IBM XIV VASA Provider for VMware

If you have combined vSphere 5.0 with XIV, then you may want to try out the new IBM Storage Provider for VMware VASA (vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness).   You can download the installation instructions, the release notes and the current version of the IBM VASA … Continue reading

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Where on earth are the IBM VMware SRAs?

I always laugh when people say to me:  I wouldn’t know what to blog about! When you work in pre-sales support, you constantly get asked questions and each one of them could be the subject of a new blog post. … Continue reading

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XIV iPhone Mobile Dashboard is now available for download

The new XIV Mobile Dashboard has made it through the Apple store qualification process and is now available for download! The key features of the new IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard include the ability to: Access your XIV securely over Wi-Fi … Continue reading

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XIV Release 3.1 – SSD Read Cache is go!

In July last year I blogged about a brief history of XIV. In that post I detailed how the XIV began as the Nextra, was then released as the IBM XIV and then updated to the XIV Gen3. So this … Continue reading

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Report generation tools for XIV

I have previously blogged about two XIV report generation tools that you can download and start using.   This is just a short update to let you know there are updated versions of both tools, plus a new one that … Continue reading

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XIV Host Attachment Kit 1.7.1 is now available

One of the many tools in your XIV toolkit is the Host Attachment Kit or HAK.  Two of my favorite commands provided by the HAK are  xiv_attach and xiv_fc_admin which we use to configure our hosts.  Of course users want to … Continue reading

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