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Is this the most annoying sticker in IT?

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a big fan of Brocade SAN switches. But I am reduced to a Friday rant about the crummy sticker they insist on putting over the power inlet when you install them.   … Continue reading

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Hard drive retention

It’s a story that has been repeated many times:   You buy a shiny new storage system….. and it is beautiful. Then…  a disk fails, which takes just the tiniest bit of shine off. No problem you declare!  You place … Continue reading

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How to spot an ex-IBMer

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece called How to spot an old IBMer.  It was a sort of  reminiscence about my early days with IBM but it turned out to be one that really touched a chord with many … Continue reading

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How to spot an old IBMer

If you work (or have worked) for IBM then you have probably met many old timers.   IBMers who have been with the company for 25 years or more (or even 50!). But how do you spot an old IBMer? Is … Continue reading

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Got VNX? IBM can virtualize that.

When IBM brought out the SAN Volume Controller (SVC) in 2003, the goal was clear: support as many storage vendors and products as possible.  Since then IBM has put a huge ongoing effort into interoperation testing, which has allowed them … Continue reading

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IBM Storage WWPN Determination Guide version 6.5

I have updated my IBM Storage WWPN Determination Guide to version 6.5. You can find the updated guide on IBM Techdocs here. The main change is that new DS8800s are now presenting slightly different WWPNs, so I added three new … Continue reading

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You lost, stole, gave away or sold your Storwize V7000 USB key?

I love USB keys, I love free ones, conferences give away ones and ones shaped like Lego blocks.   The exciting thing (for me) is that if you buy a Storwize V7000, you also get a USB key:   A key which … Continue reading

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