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Murphys Law in Action

A friend of mine recently had a problem while installing a new SAN24B-4 (an IBM 2498B24, which is a rebadged Brocade 300 Fibre Channel switch). The problem was simple:   It was dead. The switch would not power up.  Swapping … Continue reading

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The evolution of IBM SVC connection choices

IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) has offered Fibre Channel Storage Virtualization since June 2003.   Two SVC nodes communicate with each other via fibre channel to form a high availability I/O group.  They then communicate with the storage that they virtualize via Fibre … Continue reading

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Is this the most annoying sticker in IT?

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a big fan of Brocade SAN switches. But I am reduced to a Friday rant about the crummy sticker they insist on putting over the power inlet when you install them.   … Continue reading

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Brocade 6510 comparison results – holy cow!

I have always been a big fan of Brocade Fibre Channel switches.  They have been the leader in Fibre Channel technology for quite a few years, leading the way in speed, function, price and low power consumption.  The Brocade 6510 is … Continue reading

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A dual vendor SAN policy?

A couple of years ago I went to a Juniper marketing event in Sydney.   It was a very well run event with lots of good sessions.  They talked about JUNOS, virtual chassis, East-West versus North-South network traffic, their ASICs… … Continue reading

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Storwize V7000 and SVC Performance Monitoring

I have previously blogged about the Performance monitoring panel that IBM added to the  Storwize V7000 and SVC GUI.   You can find that post with links to some YouTube videos here.   IBM introduced this panel in version V6.2 of … Continue reading

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Issues at 2am? It could be the DS Storage Manager Profile Collector

I occasionally get called by clients reporting performance issues with their DS3000, DS4000 or DS5000s at 2am in the morning (always at roughly the same time).   It’s a curious (and annoying) time to have issues but it usually has … Continue reading

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