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Murphys Law in Action

A friend of mine recently had a problem while installing a new SAN24B-4 (an IBM 2498B24, which is a rebadged Brocade 300 Fibre Channel switch). The problem was simple:   It was dead. The switch would not power up.  Swapping … Continue reading

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Is this the most annoying sticker in IT?

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a big fan of Brocade SAN switches. But I am reduced to a Friday rant about the crummy sticker they insist on putting over the power inlet when you install them.   … Continue reading

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Brocade 6510 comparison results – holy cow!

I have always been a big fan of Brocade Fibre Channel switches.  They have been the leader in Fibre Channel technology for quite a few years, leading the way in speed, function, price and low power consumption.  The Brocade 6510 is … Continue reading

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A dual vendor SAN policy?

A couple of years ago I went to a Juniper marketing event in Sydney.   It was a very well run event with lots of good sessions.  They talked about JUNOS, virtual chassis, East-West versus North-South network traffic, their ASICs… … Continue reading

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IBM’s new SAN24B-5 16 Gbps FC Switch

IBM have announced a nice new Brocade sourced 24 port Fibre Channel switch (the SAN24B-5 based on the Brocade 6505).   This is a great addition to the family as it delivers two key features that I think are vital … Continue reading

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What Cisco firmware do I recommend for your MDS Switches?

Right now I am working on giving a client a recommended version of firmware for their Cisco MDS Fibre Channel switches.  For FICON, the recommendations are easy, but for Open Systems there are so many choices.  So what am I … Continue reading

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