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Safety Switches in the Data Center?

If you are living in a house in Australia built since some point after the year 2000, your home is almost certainly being protected by a safety switch – normally an RCD or Residual Current Device.  The job of the … Continue reading

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The first law of the Time Lords

Let me share a war story with you (one that I swear is true). In the year 2000 an Ansett passenger jet, loaded with passengers, was preparing to push back from the terminal in Sydney.   But there was a timing … Continue reading

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Boarding soon: Experimental test subjects

The next time you go flying in Australia (and quite possibly elsewhere), think about this: You will be a test subject in a giant unauthorised science experiment into flight safety, being conducted by many of the people sitting all around … Continue reading

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Hard drive retention

It’s a story that has been repeated many times:   You buy a shiny new storage system….. and it is beautiful. Then…  a disk fails, which takes just the tiniest bit of shine off. No problem you declare!  You place … Continue reading

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Taxing times

For those of you living in Australia,  we are slowly grinding towards the end of the Australian financial year (June 30).  Which means its time to start thinking about your tax…   Oh joy! One (possibly very small) source of … Continue reading

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Who on earth is Gold Major and why is he sending me emails?

I got a great question recently: We just updated our Cisco MDS9509s to NX-OS 4.2.7b (from Cisco SAN-OS 3.3.1c) and now we are getting emails from this source:   GOLD-major. The actual message looks like this: Time of Event:2012-03-05 15:07:21 … Continue reading

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Australian IBM Tivoli User Group – Melbourne

If you’re in Melbourne (that’s Melbourne Australia, not Melbourne Florida) why not come along to the next Australian IBM Tivoli User Group meeting.  The subject?   Tivoli Storage! The time and date:    10am to 1pm on Friday Nov 25th, 2011 … Continue reading

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