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XIV Mobile Dashboard on Android!

Much as I have been a bit of an Apple FanBoy for some time, its becoming apparent as I look around at all the smart phones that seemingly surround me, that more and more of them are Android.   So I … Continue reading

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Potential for Defeating 3584 I/O Station Lock Mechanism Exposing User to Class II Laser

Just spotted this alert and thought it very much worth sharing.   There are huge numbers of 3584 (TS3500) Tape Libraries out there in the world and in my experience they are a truly reliable and stable platform for automated tape … Continue reading

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IBM Scripting Tools for SVC and Storwize has been updated

The Rebalance script for IBM SVC has been updated.  This is the first update I have seen since 2010.     This release of the SVCTools package will now work on the Storwize family of products without modification and it can … Continue reading

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Enhancement requests for IBM SVC and Storwize V7000

If you have ever wanted to suggest ways to enhance IBM products you should check out the IBM RFE Page here: I was blissful unaware of this page so found it rather fascinating to check out some of the … Continue reading

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Storwize V3700 – First impressions

The IBM Storwize V7000 has a new stable mate:  IBM’s hot new seller, the Storwize V3700.   I recently got a chance to try one out and I liked what I saw.  I have always tried to share useful information on … Continue reading

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IBM Storage WWPN Determination Guide v6.6

For those who used my IBM Storage WWPN Determination Guide, there is finally an updated version (v6.6).    You can find it right here: IBM Storage Systems WWPN Determination Version 6.6 New additions are the Storwize V3700 and the DS8870.

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VMware VAAI corruption issue with DS3500

IBM recently released a flash for DS3500 and DCS3700 entitled: RETAIN tip H206954: Data corruption issue using XCOPY in VAAI   The contents of the flash are shown at the bottom of this post, so if you are a DS3500 user, … Continue reading

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