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The first law of the Time Lords

Let me share a war story with you (one that I swear is true). In the year 2000 an Ansett passenger jet, loaded with passengers, was preparing to push back from the terminal in Sydney.   But there was a timing … Continue reading

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The evolution of IBM SVC connection choices

IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) has offered Fibre Channel Storage Virtualization since June 2003.   Two SVC nodes communicate with each other via fibre channel to form a high availability I/O group.  They then communicate with the storage that they virtualize via Fibre … Continue reading

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Brocade 6510 comparison results – holy cow!

I have always been a big fan of Brocade Fibre Channel switches.  They have been the leader in Fibre Channel technology for quite a few years, leading the way in speed, function, price and low power consumption.  The Brocade 6510 is … Continue reading

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A dual vendor SAN policy?

A couple of years ago I went to a Juniper marketing event in Sydney.   It was a very well run event with lots of good sessions.  They talked about JUNOS, virtual chassis, East-West versus North-South network traffic, their ASICs… … Continue reading

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Performance and bench-marking tools

So you need to do some disk performance testing?   Maybe some benchmarking?  What tools are out there to help you out?   Well I am glad you asked… here are some that I use on my daily travels: IOmeter … Continue reading

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What Cisco firmware do I recommend for your MDS Switches?

Right now I am working on giving a client a recommended version of firmware for their Cisco MDS Fibre Channel switches.  For FICON, the recommendations are easy, but for Open Systems there are so many choices.  So what am I … Continue reading

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Who on earth is Gold Major and why is he sending me emails?

I got a great question recently: We just updated our Cisco MDS9509s to NX-OS 4.2.7b (from Cisco SAN-OS 3.3.1c) and now we are getting emails from this source:   GOLD-major. The actual message looks like this: Time of Event:2012-03-05 15:07:21 … Continue reading

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