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Thin Provisioning Buyers Guide

Storage space consumption is always a major bone of contention in all data centers.    It seems 100 TB of new storage can fill up in a blink of an eye and then you have to buy some more.   … Continue reading

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Backblaze Blog » How long do disk drives last?

This is fascinating stuff that pretty well exactly matches my experience with almost any IT product.  Congrats to Backblaze for collecting and sharing this information. Backblaze Blog » How long do disk drives last?.

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Your SanDisk USB stick is no longer removable – and it’s Microsofts fault!

I came across something curious last week that failed the question: Can I find a quick answer for this in Google? I had purchased a new SanDisk USB stick to boot Linux.   The script I was using to configure … Continue reading

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Safety Switches in the Data Center?

If you are living in a house in Australia built since some point after the year 2000, your home is almost certainly being protected by a safety switch – normally an RCD or Residual Current Device.  The job of the … Continue reading

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The third law of the Time Lords

There is a great old saying that the marvellous thing about standards is that there are so many of them….  and things don’t get much worse than date and time formats.   Are we using DD-MM-YY or MM-DD-YY or DD-MM-YYYY…   I … Continue reading

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The second law of the Time Lords

In my last post I reminisced about an airline sending its passengers out early due to poorly coordinated clocks.   But even when the clocks are right, there is something else that can let confusion reign:   The Time Zone and its … Continue reading

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Your vendor hired some really smart people – but are you cutting them off?

At the recent Melbourne VMUG I ran into a fellow blogger who works for HDS.   Now I have known this person for some years and interact with him regularly, I have a lot of respect for him and for … Continue reading

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Cat videos: Being inspired by the kitten

January 2013 brought us the amusing story of a man in California who outsourced his job to a Chinese company, allowing him to slack off  and spend time watching cat videos.   I personally haven’t spent a lot of time … Continue reading

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Boarding soon: Experimental test subjects

The next time you go flying in Australia (and quite possibly elsewhere), think about this: You will be a test subject in a giant unauthorised science experiment into flight safety, being conducted by many of the people sitting all around … Continue reading

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How to reprogram an ex-IBMer?

Way way back, a lot longer than I want to remember, I had a job interview at IBM. Actually in total I had four! After the third one they sent me off for a medical. When a friend asked me … Continue reading

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