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Some scripting hints for checking your Storwize firmware version

I am in the habit of writing mini-shell scripts to paste into an SVC or Storwize terminal to create mini reports.  While the GUI does make all this quite easy, I am quite often remote from the machine, or at the … Continue reading

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The quest for perfect knowledge doesn’t start with a screen capture

One of the fun parts of my job is problem solving….  I wont lie… I love it. Step one in problem solving is always the same:  define the problem. Step two:  get the data needed to solve the problem. Step three: … Continue reading

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Shell shocked by binary explanations

On September 24, 2014 some new exploits to gain unauthorized access to Unix based systems that have a bash shell were revealed.   Known collectively as shellshock it has caused tremendous consternation and activity in the IT industry. What has … Continue reading

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Tortured by Tenders? Whats the problem?

Many Australian organizations, both Government and Private Enterprise acquire IT technology through a tender process. No not that kind of tender…. More like this kind of tender (anyone want a bridge shaped like a coat-hanger?). The process of creating and … Continue reading

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Don’t always default to default

I once sat in a project meeting in which the Project Manager declared that: Default settings are always the best settings, since they were the ones the vendor made default! While you may think there is some logic in the … Continue reading

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Thin Provisioning Buyers Guide

Storage space consumption is always a major bone of contention in all data centers.    It seems 100 TB of new storage can fill up in a blink of an eye and then you have to buy some more.   … Continue reading

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Backblaze Blog » How long do disk drives last?

This is fascinating stuff that pretty well exactly matches my experience with almost any IT product.  Congrats to Backblaze for collecting and sharing this information. Backblaze Blog » How long do disk drives last?.

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