Your DS3500 needs new firmware to support T10-PI

For those of you who use the IBM DS3500 (a midrange storage controller), you should ensure all your machines are on firmware release or higher since this adds support for T10-PI.   This is because new additional or replacement disk drives may require that support.   Inserting high-level drives into down-level machines can result in a failed drive replacement or unexpected errors.   Ideally you should not be upgrading your machines while there is a failed component, so I recommend you pro-actively upgrade your DS3500s, particularly if you are ordering new drives or additional enclosures.

Note that IBM recommend on this page.  New firmware can be downloaded from here.

If you wondering what on earth T10-PI is, check out this blog here.    If you use AIX there is also a short write up here.  It does not mention DS3500, but I think this is due to the age of the post.

You can tell that T10-PI support is enabled for an array very easily in the upgraded GUI.

T10-PI Screen Cap


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