Storwize V3700 – First impressions

The IBM Storwize V7000 has a new stable mate:  IBM’s hot new seller, the Storwize V3700.   I recently got a chance to try one out and I liked what I saw.  I have always tried to share useful information on this blog, so here are four things you may find  useful about IBM’s new little midrange storage offering:

Node Canisters

The Node Canisters (Controllers) are side by side and both right way up.  I really like this change.  Hopefully all future models will follow this pattern and avoid upside down components.  One thing you will spot from the picture is that the Fibre Cards are optional.  What you might think are Fibre Ports in this picture are actually SAS ports.  The fibre card goes where that large black square is on the right hand side of each canister.

rear v3700


The Storwize V3700 can report power consumption and operating temperature via both the GUI and CLI.   This is a great extra piece of information.

V3700 Environmentals

Being able to get this information via CLI is also critical as it allows you to script it for those shops where rack power consumption is constrained so check out the lsenclosurestats command.

enclosure_id stat_name stat_current stat_peak stat_peak_time 
1            power_w   124          125       130128230402 
1            temp_c    19           19        130128230707 
1            temp_f    66           66        130128230707

License Tab

I looked for the license tab…. but there isn’t one!  This is because Flashcopy is included, external virtualization ( as a migration tool) is included and remote copy is not possible.  This makes for very simple purchasing; all you need to do is decide what disks, RAM and adapters you want.  Nice!

I did find one (tiny) bug that is easily corrected, but is stealing 40 MB of your cache!   If you display the bitmap memory, you may find 20MB dedicated to remote copy, despite the fact that you cannot create remote copies.

IBM_2072:Cluster:anthonyv>lsiogrp 0
id 0
name io_grp0
node_count 2
vdisk_count 3
host_count 1
flash_copy_total_memory 20.0MB
flash_copy_free_memory 20.0MB
remote_copy_total_memory 20.0MB
remote_copy_free_memory 20.0MB
mirroring_total_memory 20.0MB
mirroring_free_memory 20.0MB
raid_total_memory 40.0MB
raid_free_memory 39.3MB
maintenance no
compression_active no
accessible_vdisk_count 3
compression_supported no

You can easily correct this by running the following command that drops that bitmap to zero.  You can run this command at any time, there is no risk in doing so.  You will get 40MB of cache back (20MB per node canister).

chiogrp -feature remote -size 0 io_grp0

WWPN Determination

I spotted two interesting things about the WWPNs for the Storwize V3700 ports.   Firstly IBM has broken with the 1,2,3,4 pattern we found with Storwize V7000 and gone to 04,08,0C,10.  Frankly this is not a big deal and given the Node Canisters are side by side, it is just a case of knowing the pattern.  The WWPN is based on: 50:05:07:68:03:YY:xx:xx  where xx:xx is unique for each node canister and the YY value is taken from the port position as per the image below.  I suspect these values may go up to 05, 09,0D,11 over time as they exhaust the serial number range possibilities of 00:00 to FF:FF

V3700 FC Ports

I did spot what I think is a great new command in V6.4.1 that also lets you display the WWPNs.  It is lsportfcid.  Try it out on your machine.

fc_io_port_id port_id type port_speed node_id node_name WWPN             nportid status                attachment
0  1             1       fc   8Gb        1       node1     5005076803040046 010500  active                switch    
1  2             2       fc   8Gb        1       node1     5005076803080046 010000  active                switch    
2  3             3       fc   N/A        1       node1     50050768030C0046 000000  inactive_unconfigured none      
3  4             4       fc   N/A        1       node1     5005076803100046 000000  inactive_unconfigured none      
6  1             1       fc   8Gb        2       node2     5005076803040047 010400  active                switch    
7  2             2       fc   8Gb        2       node2     5005076803080047 010100  active                switch    
8  3             3       fc   N/A        2       node2     50050768030C0047 000000  inactive_unconfigured none      
9  4             4       fc   N/A        2       node2     5005076803100047 000000  inactive_unconfigured none

I did spot one thing when displaying the FC ports in the GUI.  They are currently listed back to front,  just something to be aware of:

V3700 Ports

So are you running a V3700?  How is it working out for you?


About Anthony Vandewerdt

I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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58 Responses to Storwize V3700 – First impressions

  1. Hey Anthony,

    Another great post and very timely !
    Our stack of v3700 turned up on site this week and we are currently setting it up to work behind the SVC that we have.
    Really looking forward to putting into production use.

    Thanks again,

  2. Bracken says:

    The changes in the FC WWPNs are actually to accommodate FCoE ports, which show up in the lsportfc command alongside FC ports if you have the 10Gb/s Ethernet option. The lsportip command shows IP addresses used for iSCSI.

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  5. Shaun says:

    any issue with turning off flash copy as well to recover another 40MB? if sure that you won’t be taking any flash copies?

  6. Shaun says:

    v3700 drive fw pack was out, updated using the command line (from one of your v7000 posts). is there another way / GUI option to do this? thanks.

  7. hdwang says:

    Does it support Remote mirroring also?

  8. Shaun says:

    so does “mirroring_total” refers only to metro/global mirror? then “remote_copy_total”? what;s the difference?

  9. Shaun says:

    thanks, seems in general use you would only need to leave raid.
    v3700 iscsi with windows 2008 native mpio, detects opt and non opt paths (non opt being paths to non preferred controller for writes?) so RR (subst) over RR is preferred?

  10. Shaun says:

    is flow control supported on v3700 iscsi models? other than connecting to a fc enabled switch port, any configuration required on v3700 ports? thanks.

  11. Roman says:

    Hi, Anthony,
    I encountered a problem with v3700: when I try enable write-caching-policy in OS (Win2012, Win2008R2) – I get an error “windows could not change the write-caching setting for the device”. Is it really bug or its feature? For DS35xx i haven’t this problem – i can to enable write-caching-policy in OS. LUNs from v3700 are mapped to servers via FC switches (IBM 2498)

    • I don’t believe that Windows can set write-caching on or off for SAN Storage volumes. I think that setting only applies to internal SAS/SATA drives rather than externally presented LUNs.

  12. Alex_Moscow says:

    Hi Anthony.
    We has IBM Storwize v3700 at configuration: 1 Controlled enclosure + 2 Expansions. All enclosures consist of 36 disk, SAS, 3 Tb, 7200 RPM. v3700 connect to SAN via iSCSI. v3700 works very slow: CPU Usage >50%, Disk Latency > 20 ms. It`s normal behavior for this system ?

  13. Reez says:

    I have v3700 and ds4700 as SVC backend storage. Tried to use add mirror copy to one of the vdisk (primary-ds4700) and the mirror copy (v3700) with size of 200gb.
    It took almost 17 hours for the sync to complete. Is there any parameter need to be adjusted or it is behaving as expected?

  14. Cezar Lins says:

    Hi, I saw that this Storage support now 6GB Host Attach.. but on SSIC we did not find this compatibility to HBA 6GB SAS.Did you note that?

  15. Daran says:

    Hi Anthony,

    Currently we are using
    DS4700 Express 4GB FC
    4GB cache
    16* 146GB 4GB FC Disk
    SAN Switch 4GB.

    I m planning to migrate to
    V3700 8Gb FC
    8GB Cache
    24*300GB 6GB SAS Disk.
    SAN Switch 8Gb.

    Will i get significant oracle database performance improvement?

  16. Daran says:

    Hi Anthony,
    sorry .. following is the current config,
    Currently we are using
    DS4700 Express 4Gbs FC
    1GB cache percontroller
    16* 146GB 4Gbs FC Disk
    SAN Switch 4Gbs

  17. Anthony English says:

    Hi Anthony,
    Just configured a new V3700 with direct attach to the 8 Gbit FC adapters on a new p720. No FC switch involved. The ports from the p720 are not discovered using the rescan button in the GUI. Added the ports’ WWPN but still offline. Latest firmware on the V3700 and the HBAs. The 720 is running Virtual I/O Server, which owns the HBAs.

    Should I install the Host Attachment Kit / SDDPCM for the VIOS? There’s none available for the VIOS / AIX combination, but there is for a directly-connected AIX host.

    SDDPCM is available here:

  18. Jerry Aldini says:

    Non-sequitir does anyone know how to change the FC port_speed on a v7000 mine shows 2 GB despite 8 Gb SFPS attached to 8 GB SFP switch (brocade 8 Gb 1u chassis) is at auto-negotiate. I read a blurb on change in SVC at front panel but not for v7000 or v3700. Thanks

  19. Eamonn Grice says:

    Anthony, have you had chance to test the Storwize v3700 alongside VMware & Veeam? We have three units (all 1Gbps iSCSI) acting as datastores for ESXi 5U2. They appear to work OK with active full backups (using DirectSAN attach), but come to an absolute crawl during incrementals. Veeam 6.5 P3 shows 547KB/s for the data rate during this. Storwize firmware is 7.1. Thanks.

  20. Asvin Caully says:

    hi Anthony,

    Just installed two Storwize v3700 connected to Pureflex chassis via IBM SAN24B-4 switches. However we are having some problems during the installation. I mapped one volume from each V3700 to a x440 compute node having Fc 3171 2 port 8Gbps adapter. Multipathing is configured on the x440 compute node running Win Svr 2012 Std Edition. The initialization of the disks goes fine but when we try to convert the disks to Dynamic, the Disk Management Console hangs and the below error is reported in Event viewer:
    The IO operation at logical block address # for Disk # was retried.

    Any idea for above issue?

    Please advise

    • If you leave the disks in basic mode can you read and write files without issues?

      Have you installed SDDDSM

      • Asvin Caully says:

        DIdnt try with basic disks.
        But when i try with small volume like 2gb it works. but when i try with large volume like above 100Gb, the problem occurs.
        Yes i installed SDDDSM I also updated the firmware version of the HBA on the compute node to 9.11. Before upgrading the version of 7.0 and was gettting “Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued” in event viewer.

        Do you think its an issue with the mulitpathing?

      • Disk size at those values should make no difference. Some strange driver issue going on.

        Would love to see if basic disks don’t have this problem.

        If you have SDDDSM installed then open up that app (it will be a command prompt) and run:

        datapath query device
        qatapath query adapter

        Are you getting errors?
        Would love to see the output.

      • Asvin Caully says:

        Hi Anthony,

        Here you are:

        C:\Program Files\IBM\SDDDSM>datapath query device

        Total Devices : 2

        DEV#: 0 DEVICE NAME: Disk0 Part0 TYPE: 2145 POLICY: OPTIMIZED
        SERIAL: 600507630080824AB80000000000000F LUN SIZE: 400.0GB
        Path# Adapter/Hard Disk State Mode Select Errors
        0 Scsi Port1 Bus0/Disk0 Part0 OPEN NORMAL 0 0
        1 Scsi Port1 Bus0/Disk0 Part0 OPEN NORMAL 246 2

        DEV#: 1 DEVICE NAME: Disk1 Part0 TYPE: 2145 POLICY: OPTIMIZED
        SERIAL: 60050763008082523800000000000010 LUN SIZE: 400.0GB
        Path# Adapter/Hard Disk State Mode Select Errors
        0 Scsi Port2 Bus0/Disk1 Part0 OPEN NORMAL 178 0
        1 Scsi Port2 Bus0/Disk1 Part0 OPEN NORMAL 0 0

        C:\Program Files\IBM\SDDDSM>datapath query adapter

        Active Adapters :2

        Adpt# Name State Mode Select Errors Paths Active
        0 Scsi Port1 Bus0 NORMAL ACTIVE 246 2 2 2
        1 Scsi Port2 Bus0 NORMAL ACTIVE 178 0 2 2

        C:\Program Files\IBM\SDDDSM>

  21. Hafiz says:

    i cant connect to Storwize 3700, no ip address configured. Any way to configure another ip address

  22. Hayden Kirk says:

    Anyone tried these on sas switches?

  23. BlueBull says:

    I got 2x20MB memory from remote_copy_total_memory. But where does v3700 use it? Is it good and possible to increase raid_total_memory or flash_copy_total_memory?

    • Hi.

      The only reason to increase memory is if the machine asks you to do it.
      Adding more RAID memory wont make your machine perform better.
      Its only used for tracking bitmaps, so it uses as much as it needs.
      You can reduce memory to get rid of preallocated memory for functions you dont use.
      SO it you are not doing remote copy, get rid of that memory (drop it as low as it can go, which I think is 1 MB).
      But having said that… you are getting back a trivial amount of cache memory.

  24. Ashhad Pathan says:

    Would anyone know the CPU currently being used on V3700?

  25. gad says:

    i have 3700 with only 5 ssd 400gb 12gbs configur in raid 0
    connectect with qlogic fiber optic 8Gbs
    i have slow prefrences

    when i test with parkdale
    i have write speed 144 mb/sec random read 16MB/s and only 4106 iops
    and read at 282MB/s random 47MB/s 12030 iops

    and when i connect it direct attach my ssd to an array to my server
    i get
    write speed 480MB/sec random read 85MB/s and 22000 iops
    and read at 450MB/s random 75MB/s 18500 iops

    can some one pleas help me i have no idea why

  26. Vipul Patel , Ahmedabad, India says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have found your blog on searching on google for problem of sync very slow between our two same storage (Production) and (DR Site) configuration IBM Storwize V3700 with (Latest firmware version 7.5) . Grater than 1 or 2 GB sync is very slow. I red all your questions and reply above blog . So what could you suggest for it ? one person said in query it’s sync default rate is 2 MBps that’s why problem create ? I have step as per documentation as per your view any suggestions please give reply. I am awaiting your reply.

  27. exa73961 says:

    Great Article

    can any expert help me in my problem .

    i have Head office and DR Site storwize v3700 i can ping both Ethernet ports .but when i am creating partnership it gives error that unreachable ip address .

    your replies will be highly appreciated !

  28. Matthew Richards says:

    Excellent article! I’m Planning to deploy Easy Tier. Do you know if any SSDs not on the list of supported drives ( can be used with Easy Tier on the V3700, eg Intel SSDs, Would the V3700 system still be supported? Thanks.

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