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IBM Storage WWPN Determination Guide v6.6

For those who used my IBM Storage WWPN Determination Guide, there is finally an updated version (v6.6).    You can find it right here: IBM Storage Systems WWPN Determination Version 6.6 New additions are the Storwize V3700 and the DS8870. … Continue reading

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Three smart letters: CBT

When it comes to protecting your VMs (and their data), there are many methods available: Installing backup agents Copying files Copying/cloning the entire VMDK Snapshotting the entire datastore At Actifio we have found the smartest way to protect a VM … Continue reading

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Cat videos: Being inspired by the kitten

January 2013 brought us the amusing story of a man in California who outsourced his job to a Chinese company, allowing him to slack off  and spend time watching cat videos.   I personally haven’t spent a lot of time … Continue reading

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