Great new blog post by Philip Dartnell from Linktechsolutions, one of Actifio’s Business Partners here in Australia.

Advanced Information Technology for Productivity


All of us at one point or another have experienced the terrible ramifications and loss of productivity when a business critical system fails. It might be that we’re at the airport trying to check-in for a flight that’s taking us to a critically important meeting only to be confronted by a terminal with thousands of people lined up while airline staff struggle to handle hundreds of flights via a manual process (nightmare stuff!) Or perhaps we’ve gone to get money from our bank only to find one after another ATM closed and the Internet banking site down with the media reporting our bank is having an IT system failure and urgently working on restoring the facilities. It could be within our own organisation the core ERP system is down and we’re unable to submit/collect time-sheets, bill customers, pay suppliers and do our work.

When these failures occur the impact can…

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  1. MG says:

    Interesting post…not knowing much about Actifio, how would it have prevented the Exchange outage or speed up the restore described in the post that was caused by the primary storage failure.

    • Actifio could not have prevented the storage outage, but it can certainly dramatically speed up recovery. The reason being that it creates a golden copy of your data which is immediately accessible as what we call an instant mount. Since Actifio acts, looks and feels like a high availability storage controller, your instant mount can be accessed via Fibre Channel or iSCSI. Compared to traditional backup system where you need to move the data or rehdydrate the data first before accessing it, in Actifios case your time to access the backups is measured in seconds, not minutes or hours.

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