Boarding soon: Experimental test subjects

The next time you go flying in Australia (and quite possibly elsewhere), think about this:
You will be a test subject in a giant unauthorised science experiment into flight safety, being conducted by many of the people sitting all around you (and possibly yourself).

The theory being tested is that there is no need to turn your mobile phones off during takeoff and landing.   I have observed these quiet scientists on every flight I have taken in recent years.  Have you seen it too?

The request from most airlines is simple:   Set your device to flight mode and then turn it off prior to takeoff.  During landing you again need to turn your device off until advised otherwise.

Flight Mode

The reality is that turning the device to flight mode is quick and easy and involves almost no inconvenience.  After all a mobile phone is unlikely to take or receive calls at 40000 feet and if it did, people would notice.  But turning it off for takeoff and landing, appears to be asking just a little too much.  Most people make the value judgement that it makes no difference to safety and the risk of causing disaster is zero, and so the science experiment continues….

Interim results appear to be good.  Not sure the authorities are collecting the data though.



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7 Responses to Boarding soon: Experimental test subjects

  1. Piw says:

    Just ask yourself – “If turned on phone could be reason of plane crash, would they allow ANYONE to even carry their own phones into the plane?”. Plus some airlines equip pilots with iPads where takeoff instructions are provided (yes, iPad with 3G enabled during takeoff in pilot cabin).

  2. JAD says:

    Shhhh .. don’t tell anyone … that phone-free zone is soooo much appreciated

  3. Great observation. As you say, we all sit there thinking what utter nonsense having to turn the phone off. Many simply turn it to silent mode. I have also seen people actually talking on them. As someone else said, if it really was dangerous phones would be banned from flights. They often also ban electronic games, just in case Pacman jumps out and storms the cockpit.

  4. A similar warning applies to cell phones at gasoline stations. There are warnings everywhere around each gas pump to turn off cell phones to avoid sparks that might cause fires. This has been thoroughly investigated, and to-date, there has never been a fire started in any gas station in the world from a cell phone.

  5. warero says:

    Reblogged this on Javmode.

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