Is this the most annoying sticker in IT?

Anyone who reads this blog knows I am a big fan of Brocade SAN switches.

But I am reduced to a Friday rant about the crummy sticker they insist on putting over the power inlet when you install them.   I am talking about this one:

It is impossible to remove easily.   You can quite easily get the sticker all over the inside of the power inlet cavity, including all over the power pins themselves.   Here is one attempt I filmed to show just how difficult it is.  Apologies for the air handler noise…  it’s an occupational hazard…

I am presuming this is a Brocade thing and not something that IBM has added later?  Can anyone who has installed a non-IBM Brocade SAN switch confirm?   I wonder if someone from Brocade will read this and take notice:   Change the sticker…  PLEASE!

Update!   A colleague of mine contacted Brocade about the sticker who replied that:   The label is actually a manufacturer’s mandate from IBM and is not a label we use on other Brocade products.

So apologies to Brocade….  it is all down to Big Blue….


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I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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19 Responses to Is this the most annoying sticker in IT?

  1. TZM says:

    I totally feel your pain, why can’t they just put a sticker over top that peels off easily?

    What are they even for?

  2. Claudio C says:

    OMG, I tough I was the only one…I hate those stickers, they always get broke, but I think is IBM´s fault because they use the same sticker in the power outlet of the tape librarys and brocade OEM switches.

  3. Seamus says:

    I have spent some frustrating times trying to get the sticker removed from some 24 & 40B’s, it is quite difficult!

    However, today some 40B’s turned up and i thought to myself “I’m sure it can be done somehow”
    This morning the air-con in our office was a little broken so we were all slightly frozen, so to warm everyone up i think someone over-compensated and now our office is a little toasty, I believe this (heat) is the key.
    Off she came in just one attempt.

    The proof:

  4. Jimi Lindberg says:

    After installing quite a few IBM-Brocade switches I certainly share your irritation over this stupid sticker. Not having a sticker there would enable packaging material to get into the power inlet but having the sticker ensures that most people will instead get small pieces of sticker on their power pins… The heat factor mentioned in an earlier comment is interesting, to bad I live in Sweden where it’s too cold to successfully do this even during the summer, not to mention what happens if you try this after actually mounting the switches in a datacenter :/

  5. JAD says:

    Luv it Anthony – its great to see you haven’t changed a bit !
    Lets see if any one owns up to “designing” it

  6. xdguy says:

    get a label from a Dymo envelope label printer or similar and carefully stick it over the brocade power sticker before you remove it, comes off way easier! IBM used to put similar stickers over power sockets on x series servers a few years ago also but they weren’t quite as hard to remove.


  7. xdguy says:

    Use a Dymo envelope label type sticker or a piece of 100-mile-an-hour tape and stick it over the Brocade power socket sticker, then peel it off – works a lot better. Not sure if anyone remembers but x-series servers used to come with a similar sticker over the power sockets, thankfully they have given up that practice!

  8. In my opinion the most annoying sticker in IT is “Void warranty if removed” on PCs and other upgradable stuff. I remove them passionately. It never voided any warranty.

  9. Hi, Anthony – we appreciate you and your readers bringing this to our attention. Someone from IBM will contact you directly about this. Thanks, again, for letting us know. Maxine from IBM System Networking

  10. Oh my gosh – saw your Twitter – love your dog! My twitter is @MaxineIBM. My tweets are my own, not a reflection of, or official IBM. There is also @IBMSysNet – hope you and your readers will follow us. (owner of rescue dog Mia Frisky, part lab, part we-don’t-know)

  11. Mark Sindone says:

    I experienced the same problem before too and I really think that the sticker could have been cleverly changed to a one-piece rather than a piece that can easily be broken up into a thousand other pieces! I understand their intention which is to prevent your power inlet from turning into a dust storage compartment by the time your gadget reaches you, but they have to get a better idea than this!

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