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Storwize V7000 and SVC Performance Monitoring

I have previously blogged about the Performance monitoring panel that IBM added to the  Storwize V7000 and SVC GUI.   You can find that post with links to some YouTube videos here.   IBM introduced this panel in version V6.2 of … Continue reading

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Async mirroring for the 21st Century with Actifio

Mirroring data from one storage controller to another has been with us for some time.   For many organisations it is the key to their Disaster Recovery policy. Most storage vendors implement hardware mirroring using one of three possible methods (often offering … Continue reading

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Issues at 2am? It could be the DS Storage Manager Profile Collector

I occasionally get called by clients reporting performance issues with their DS3000, DS4000 or DS5000s at 2am in the morning (always at roughly the same time).   It’s a curious (and annoying) time to have issues but it usually has … Continue reading

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Why ALUA is a very cool acronym

For way more years than I want to accept, most operating systems were clueless about Fibre Channel networks.   Totally clueless. Of course I am kinda talking ancient history… plus my expectations of now distant operating systems like Windows NT … Continue reading

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IBM makes some very cool storage announcements

IBM has today announced a whole swag of planned new features across the entire IBM Storage product line.  You can read the announcement letter here and I have also dropped the text at the bottom of this blog post (to save … Continue reading

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