VMware SRA for SRM 5.0 with SVC and Storwize V7000 V6.3

One common question that I hear on a regular basis regards the availability of an SRA for VMware SRM 5.0 when using Storwize V7000 or IBM SVC running V6.3 firmware.   This combination is currently unsupported as per the alert found here.

The good news is that there are now IBM SRAs available for clients running SRM in combination with V6.3 firmware.   While this combination is still not listed on the VMware support matrix found here, you can download the SRAs direct from IBM if your need is urgent.

The IBM download site is here:


For SRM 4.0 with a Storwize V7000 or SVC on V6.3 you can use:

IBMSVCSRA v1.2.0.120305

For SRM 5.0 with a Storwize V7000 or SVC on V6.3 you can use:

IBMSVCSRA v2.0.0.120516

For both links please check the FTP site to see if there is a later version.

Please also keep checking the VMware support matrix for the official support statement.  I can see at least one example of someone using the latest SRA here.


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23 Responses to VMware SRA for SRM 5.0 with SVC and Storwize V7000 V6.3

  1. karlochacon says:

    there’s a new version posted
    IBMSVCSRA_v2.0.0.120516.zip 57.3 MB 5/18/12 11:36:00 AM

  2. David says:

    Hi Anthony

    Any word from you IBM contacts (knowing you dont work there any longer) if these have been certified by VMware yet? I cant see it on the VMware site yet which is why I ask.


  3. karlochacon says:

    now 6.4 was released like two days ago….and same history no SRM support for 6.4 when 6.3 has not been officially approved :O

  4. karlochacon says:

    Anthony I was checking the latest releases and I wanted to know this

    IBMSVCSRA_v2.0.0.120516.zip 57.3 MB 5/18/2012 11:36
    IBMSVCSRA_v2.0.0.120711.zip 58.7 MB 8/15/2012 18:37
    IBMSVCSRA_v2.1.0.120618.zip 57.4 MB 6/18/2012 19:36
    IBMSVCSRA_v2.1.0.120816.zip 58.7 MB 8/16/2012 4:36
    IBMSVCSRA_v2.1.0.120916.zip 59.8 MB 9/27/2012 19:36

    I suppose a release like IBMSVCSRA_v2.1.0.120916.zip is supported for SRM 5.1 and SVC-v7000 6.4.x?

  5. karlochacon says:

    thanks no still not suport SVC-v7000 6.4 or SRM 5.1


    • ALozukov says:

      Hi guys!
      can anyone shed a light for following: SVC-v7000 6.4 just not supported but workin… or not working as soon it is not supported.

      we update our sorwize to latest FW and already place a lot of VMs. but during SRM deployment we found this post… downgrade to 6.3. is possible with data loss only :(

  6. JMcMurry says:

    A new version of the SVC is available now from VMware. Supports SRM 5.1 and SVC/V7000 6.4.

  7. Joe says:

    It says it supports it however…we are running SRA version, SVC code, VMware vCenter Version 5.1.0 Build 947673 and VMware Site Recovery Manager 5.1.0-941848. SRM will not see the SRAs, just says that no SRAs are installed. Would have put money on this outcome despite the compatibility matrix saying it should be all good.

    • Joe says:

      K eating humble pie, 6.4 is not supported….crap

      • Joe says:

        Though in the release notes for the SRA it says that it is…

        Supported storage systems
        The IBM SAN Volume Controller Adapter for VMware vCenter Site Recovery
        Manager 5.x supports the following IBM Storage products.

        Storage system Microcode version;
        IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller 5.1 to 6.4.1
        IBM Storwize® V7000 6.1 to 6.4.1

        In any case it doesn’t work SRM still says that no SRAs are installed

      • The Readme says what they are working with, but it doesn’t mean the VMware qual has actually been done.

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