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No one wants 50000 USB keys in their desk drawer

Do a quick audit:  how many USB keys have you got.  Five?  Ten?  Twenty?  Do you know what files are on each one?   What if instead you had 50,000 USB keys?  Sound like madness? Now what if instead of … Continue reading

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Actifio is not a brand of yoghurt.

When I announced that I was moving to Actifio, some of the wags in the office immediately asked:  Actifio?  Is that a brand of yoghurt?     Not quite lads. But what is Actifio?   Well… I am glad you … Continue reading

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VMware SRA for SRM 5.0 with SVC and Storwize V7000 V6.3

One common question that I hear on a regular basis regards the availability of an SRA for VMware SRM 5.0 when using Storwize V7000 or IBM SVC running V6.3 firmware.   This combination is currently unsupported as per the alert … Continue reading

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Taxing times

For those of you living in Australia,  we are slowly grinding towards the end of the Australian financial year (June 30).  Which means its time to start thinking about your tax…   Oh joy! One (possibly very small) source of … Continue reading

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IBM’s new SAN24B-5 16 Gbps FC Switch

IBM have announced a nice new Brocade sourced 24 port Fibre Channel switch (the SAN24B-5 based on the Brocade 6505).   This is a great addition to the family as it delivers two key features that I think are vital … Continue reading

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How to spot an ex-IBMer

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece called How to spot an old IBMer.  It was a sort of  reminiscence about my early days with IBM but it turned out to be one that really touched a chord with many … Continue reading

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SPC results can be a Pirates playground

We know the preferred hangout of the traditional pirate is a deserted island (preferably one with lots of coconuts and a tame monkey or two).  But in Storage IT, the preferred Pirates hangout is definitely the SPC results page. There is … Continue reading

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