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How to spot an old IBMer

If you work (or have worked) for IBM then you have probably met many old timers.   IBMers who have been with the company for 25 years or more (or even 50!). But how do you spot an old IBMer? Is … Continue reading

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208 day reboot bug

It is ironic that only days after I wrote that 497 is the IT number of the beast, I learn that Linux has another unfortunate number:  208. The reason for this is a defect in the internal Linux kernel used … Continue reading

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Who on earth is Gold Major and why is he sending me emails?

I got a great question recently: We just updated our Cisco MDS9509s to NX-OS 4.2.7b (from Cisco SAN-OS 3.3.1c) and now we are getting emails from this source:   GOLD-major. The actual message looks like this: Time of Event:2012-03-05 15:07:21 … Continue reading

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The IT number of the Beast – doubled!

Last year I blogged about 497 being the IT number of the beast. Why 497? Because if a product uses a 32 bit counter to record uptime, and that counter records a tick every 10 msec, then that 32-bit counter will overflow … Continue reading

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Installing the IBM XIV VASA Provider for VMware

If you have combined vSphere 5.0 with XIV, then you may want to try out the new IBM Storage Provider for VMware VASA (vSphere Storage APIs for Storage Awareness).   You can download the installation instructions, the release notes and the current version of the IBM VASA … Continue reading

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Where on earth are the IBM VMware SRAs?

I always laugh when people say to me:  I wouldn’t know what to blog about! When you work in pre-sales support, you constantly get asked questions and each one of them could be the subject of a new blog post. … Continue reading

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Locking the door and throwing away the key!

Many years ago I picked up a book that literally blew my mind.  It was the Cuckoo’s Egg by Clifford Stoll and it’s a genuine classic, a true tale of hackers and how one was tracked down in the very early days … Continue reading

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