You lost, stole, gave away or sold your Storwize V7000 USB key?

I love USB keys, I love free ones, conferences give away ones and ones shaped like Lego blocks.   The exciting thing (for me) is that if you buy a Storwize V7000, you also get a USB key:   A key which has two fundamental purposes:

  1. It’s used to make installation very quick and easy (which it does very well!).
  2. It’s used to reset the superuser password (in case you forget what it is) or to set the service IP addresses (in case you didn’t set them like I suggested you do ).

This is all well and good but what happens when you lose it, borrow it or accidentally throw it out? (oops)   If you are searching for it, yours may well have looked like this:

So what to do?  The answer is:   It’s OK, there is nothing magic about this key.  In fact the key contains just one piece of software, which you can get from here.  Just download the initialization tool and copy it onto your own USB key.  The original key also had an Autorun file, but you don’t need that (actually I object to auto-running USB keys anyway).

BUT… and there is always a but…  I cannot guarantee that EVERY USB key you try will work.   Why not?   Because some USB keys are formatted strangely or insist on running unique applications before they will work.   There is some good, simple advice on the InfoCenter that you can find here.  The main trick is to use a USB key that is formatted with the FAT32, EXT2, or EXT3 file system on its first partition and does not need to auto-run any applications before working.


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I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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5 Responses to You lost, stole, gave away or sold your Storwize V7000 USB key?

  1. Nikolas says:

    Nice one as usual.. BTW, this article has been verbatim-copied by this genius link

    • Yes I spotted that one rather quickly. Sadly he is not a very competent copier of web content as the image links are broken.

      • Nikolas says:

        Hey Storwize has been hitting its stride lately. In fact, our team will be deploying the Storwize V7000-Unified system this week, that’s a first in the country (Philippines). I love how quickly it creates a 300GB volume on a RAID5 mdisk, makes me think I’m doing something wrong or I’m just working on a simulator of sorts. I think this Storwize thing is the closest am EMC crusher IBM has made (that, or I never saw what DS8 and Shark looked like). I used to laugh at the guys on how the CX4 kicks the heck out of DS’ butt, but I’m now coming to terms with loyalty to IBM. You don’t really want to make Big Blue jealous.

  2. parvez says:

    I tried to download initttool.exe from IBM site but failed. Can anyone help me,

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