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IBM Storage and the Cult of Mac?

Its been a long time coming, but I finally joined the cult of Mac in the form of a new MacBook Pro.    Having not used an Apple Mac for over 15 years, I must say I am truly loving what … Continue reading

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XIV iPhone Mobile Dashboard is now available for download

The new XIV Mobile Dashboard has made it through the Apple store qualification process and is now available for download! The key features of the new IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard include the ability to: Access your XIV securely over Wi-Fi … Continue reading

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Riddle me this: When is a SAS drive not a SAS drive?

Here are two common statement I often hear from clients: I don’t just want SAS drives, I also want SATA drives.  SATA drives are cheaper than SAS drives. Nearline SAS drives are just SATA drives with some sort of converter … Continue reading

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Xanax made my dog go mad

Since it’s Friday (well here at least), here is a totally non-tech story about drug side affects and one of my dogs (called Maili).   Here she is in one of her hairier moments: Maili is a beagle crossed with … Continue reading

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Using XIV with Symantec Dynamic Multi-Pathing

I got a question about Veritas DMP and XIV, so I thought I would write a quick post with some details on the subject. A fundamental requirement for a host attached to a fibre channel SAN, is the use of … Continue reading

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You lost, stole, gave away or sold your Storwize V7000 USB key?

I love USB keys, I love free ones, conferences give away ones and ones shaped like Lego blocks.   The exciting thing (for me) is that if you buy a Storwize V7000, you also get a USB key:   A key which … Continue reading

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XIV Release 3.1 materials – including a really cool video

If you are interested in the current state of play with XIV, there are a huge number of new resources that have been created or updated as part of the XIV 3.1 update, so I thought I would give you … Continue reading

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