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New SVC Storage Performance Council SPC-1 benchmark breaks 500,000 IOPS barrier

The IBM SVC has has been setting records in SPC-1 (OLTP-like) benchmarks for many years.   However recently HP stole the crown with a 3Par benchmark of 450,212.66 IOPS. But in breaking news, the SVC is back on top with the very first … Continue reading

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IBM Storage Fix information as of January 29, 2012

My good friend Rob Jackard from the ATS Group has compiled this list of updates to the IBM Support site.   It is a very comprehensive list of updates, flashes, tips and warnings and it is well worth spending a … Continue reading

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Storwize V7000 and SVC Release is available for download

The first update for Storwize V7000 and SVC release 6.3 is now available.   You will find it here for Storwize V7000 and here for SVC (note both links will require you to login to Fix Central with your IBM ID).    As usual … Continue reading

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Wikipedia and Lady Gaga leave me speechless

Having survived Wikipedia’s 24 hour protest against SOPA and PIPA, a lot of people have suddenly discovered just how much they have come to rely on Wikipedia as an information source.    Not that this is a bad thing, after … Continue reading

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XIV Host Attachment Kit 1.7.1 is now available

One of the many tools in your XIV toolkit is the Host Attachment Kit or HAK.  Two of my favorite commands provided by the HAK are  xiv_attach and xiv_fc_admin which we use to configure our hosts.  Of course users want to … Continue reading

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Storwize V7000 Disk choices

With the announcement of 900GB 10K RPM drives for the Storwize V7000, the range of possible drives you can order is now even more outstanding. In the 2.5″ form factor IBM has the following 10K RPM drives: Feature 3203 300GB 2.5 inch. … Continue reading

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