Google isn’t helping! What went wrong?

WordPress as a blogging platform has some very nice features.    One of them is that you can find out what search terms led people to your blog.   I have noticed that searches like these have become very common:

  • ibm_vaaip_module
  • XIV GUI and XIV GUI V3 or version 3
  • IBM vcenter plugin

This suggest to me that people are having trouble finding these files, or more importantly:  maybe Google is having trouble helping them to find them!

The reason is simple:  They have been moved to IBM FixCentral rather than being posted on separate easily trawled web pages.   The good news is that once you know about Fix Central, finding any file becomes very very easy.

First up you HAVE to bookmark this URL (Do it now!  Yes NOW!):

Now open Fix Central and follow your nose.
Lets suppose you want to find an XIV related download.
From the Fix Central front page choose the following options:

When you hit Continue, it should take you to this URL:,+2812)&release=All&platform=All&function=all

This page contains every possible download for XIV including the XIV GUI, the HAK, the IBM Storage vCenter plugin and the ibm_vaaip_module VAAI driver.

Of course if you’re looking for Storwize V7000 downloads you should hit the same site but choose the Storwize V7000 product instead of XIV.    This should take you to a link like this one:

The good news is that every IBM Storage product is moving into Fix Central so you will be able to work off a central repository for all IBM Storage related downloads.


About Anthony Vandewerdt

I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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2 Responses to Google isn’t helping! What went wrong?

  1. Rainer Schmider says:

    Hi Anthony,

    the problem is, that the IBM site is really confusing and hard to navigate in some topics. Especially when you’re not a english native speaker. Also often it happens, that as soon as you get used to the design and the processes, it’s renewed and completely redesigned.

    It’s much easier to find the needed content by just using google then to try the IBM navigation and/or search functions.

    At least that’s how it feels for me as a customer.

    It would be great to hear if anybody else also feels that way.


    Thanks for your great blog, anyway :-)

    • Hi Rainer.

      I am sorry to hear your experience has not been as positive as it should have been.
      I have passed your comments on to our web design team as an example of the things they need to focus on.
      Please keep the comments coming and thanks so much for following my blog!



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