IBM XIV – the facts

In you case you hear different, it’s time for a few simple facts about XIV:

  • XIV was founded in 2002 and shipped its first product in 2005.   XIV is now up to its third generation in the development process.   After over 6 years, XIV is a mature and established product in the marketplace.
  • IBM has sold over 5000 XIVs:  A number IBM is proud and happy to disclose.  In fact IBM has been open and honest about sales numbers throughout the program, which speaks volumes about how pleased they are with the success of the product.
  • Another point about sales numbers:  Compared to the XIV, the Storwize V7000 can be sold with a starting capacity of less than 1 TB. The smallest XIV Generation 2 has a starting capacity of 27 TB, while the smallest XIV Gen3 starts at 55 TB.  So clearly lower entry point products like the Storwize V7000 will outsell larger Enterprise products like the XIV.   The sales numbers of both products continue to be outstanding for their size and class.
  • There are over 2000 XIV customers, including a considerable number of reference accounts.   There are 75 success stories on the IBM XIV Website, which you can checkout here.
  • IBM has announced the first Storage Performance Council (SPC) result with XIV, the very first on the SPC-2/E benchmark. The XIV Storage System demonstrated its ability to handle Big Data as well as providing associated energy use data. The SPC-2/E result showed that the XIV Storage System provides outstanding enterprise price-performance and Large File Processing (LFP) performance.  The numbers?   8259.94 MBPS SPC-2 (LFP) Data Rate and  $137.07 SPC-2 (LFP).   In case these numbers don’t mean much to you, they are truly outstanding, there is only one other competitor who is even in the same ball park. (Price-Performance Source: Storage Performance Council SPC-2 Benchmark Results:, Results current as of 10/20/11).   (Thanks to  Elizabeth Stahl for the SPC-2/E info).



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