Storwize V7000 Batteries are not going away!

The Storwize V7000 is a modular storage system.  This means you buy it in enclosures that are two rack units (2U) in size.  The first enclosure you buy is a control enclosure which contains two node canisters and two power supplies (with integrated batteries).

The purpose of the batteries (that are only found in the control enclosure) is to protect the node canisters from brown-outs (so they can ride through sudden drops in input voltage) and to give the node canisters time to gracefully shutdown should power be lost.   Any data in the cache of the Storwize V7000 will be persistently written to the internal solid state drives. So the batteries are only needed if power is lost and only used while the nodes are shutting down.  The Storwize V7000 Information Center contains a great write-up on how this works here.

In the image below you can see a control enclosure battery unit on the right, with an arrow to show where it fits into a control enclosure power supply.

On August 9, 2011 IBM announced that the feature code (8001) for the Storwize V7000 battery was going away without replacement.  This left some people a little bit concerned as to what was happening with the batteries.  We don’t want to have a Storwize V7000 without batteries!  The answer is that IBM had separate feature codes for the control enclosure power supplies (Feature Code 9801) and the batteries (Feature Code 8001). Since you cannot have one without the other, IBM have decided to remove one of the feature codes (the battery feature code). Thus this change is purely an administration change and the machine will continue to ship with two batteries.  Phew!


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6 Responses to Storwize V7000 Batteries are not going away!

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  2. Brad says:

    “Any data in the cache of the Storwize V7000 will be persistently written to the internal solid state drives.”

    what happens if you only have SAS drives in the box?

    • avandewerdt says:

      Great question. When I say “internal” SSDs I am talking about really internal… These drives are in the node canisters themselves and are not visible from the outside of the machine. So every Storwize V7000 has two internal SSDS, one for each node canister. If they fail then the whole node canister would be replaced.

  3. Dave says:

    You’re right, the announcement may have been worded better. The intention was to have an option to purchase if the customer wants more backup batteries, or when the battery goes off warranty. So, the FC 8002 was created and announced in May with the 3XX models, 111-085.

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