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Redbook Diary: Week One

For the next few weeks I may not blog as frequently.  It’s not that I am tired of writing, but I will be writing on a different subject:  Helping to update the four XIV Redbooks. IBM Redbooks are one of the … Continue reading

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Does PuTTY record your every move?

I love PuTTY, it is one of my favourite pieces of open source software.   For those who don’t know what PuTTY is, it is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Windows and Unix platforms.   Personally I use … Continue reading

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At the heart of IBM storage beats a UNIX Operating System

An interesting article at DrunkenData.Com (met with an equally interesting response from Storagebod) got me thinking about what is at the core of every IBM Storage System.  The answer?   Unix. IBM embraced server based storage back in the 1990s when they announced … Continue reading

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Storwize V7000 Batteries are not going away!

The Storwize V7000 is a modular storage system.  This means you buy it in enclosures that are two rack units (2U) in size.  The first enclosure you buy is a control enclosure which contains two node canisters and two power … Continue reading

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A glimpse at the XIV GUI Release 3.0

With all my blogging about the XIV Gen3, I am sure there are 2nd Generation XIV users out there thinking:  Whats in it for me?  I already bought an XIV!   So for all of you, I have some really cool … Continue reading

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What is Google trying to tell me?

One of Melbourne’s main newspapers is The Age and like many newspapers it can be accessed via a Web Browser, including a mobile website.  Most articles that appear on the mobile site have advertisements by Google, as well as featured advertising.   Now … Continue reading

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CMUA00007E error while running the IBM STAT tool

The IBM Storage Tier Adviser Tool (known as STAT for short) is a clever piece of software that lets you predict how much business value you would get from adding SSDs to your Storwize V7000, SVC, DS8700 or DS8800.   … Continue reading

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