Spot the differences

As a child I used to love the spot the difference cartoon in the Sunday paper.
You usually had 10 differences to circle… and I could never find the last one.
Look carefully at the two machines below.  Can you spot the differences?

It’s an XIV Generation 2 on the left and an XIV Gen3 on the right.     For me it’s the side panels that give it away (of course the Gen3 printed on the front panel helps).

The big change is the rack that the product uses:

The Generation 2 IBM XIV uses an APC AR3100 (also called a NetShelter).
The Gen3 IBM XIV uses an IBM T42 rack .

So why the change?

Three good reasons:

  1. Using the T42 lets us offer an optional Ruggedized Rack Feature, providing additional hardware that reinforces the rack and anchors it to the floor. This hardware is designed primarily for use in locations where earthquakes are a concern.  As you may be aware there have been some major earthquakes around the world recently (with tragic results).   Clearly our clients in earthquake prone areas need us to provide a model that can be hardened for use in earthquake zones.
  2. Using the IBM T42 rack lets us offer an optional IBM Rear Door Heat Exchanger, which is an effective way to assist your Air Conditioning system in keeping your datacenter cool. It removes heat generated by the modules in the XIV before the heat enters the room.  Inside the door of the heat exchanger are sealed tubes filled with circulating chilled water. Its unique design uses standard fittings and couplings and because there are no moving or electrical parts, helps increase reliability. It can be opened like any rear cover, so serviceability of an XIV Gen3 fitted with a heat exchanger is as easy as the standard air cooled version.
  3. Using the T42 lets us offer a rack which matches our standard rack offering.   It’s a sturdier rack and travels far better over both short and long distances.   To put it simply:   Its a more substantial rack.

One nice feature that both products offer is feature code 0200 (weight reduction for shipping).  When ordered it tells the plant to ship the XIV in a weight reduced format. For Generation 2 this means the rack that IBM ship will weigh around 300kg  (unpacked from the shipping crate).  The rest of the machine (the modules and the UPSs) are shipped in separate boxes.  The XIV Gen3 will weigh more as less hardware is removed, although I am still confirming what that will be.  The advantage is that you can user lower rated goods lifts and move the XIV across floors that are not rated for the maximum weight.  You just have to ensure that planned location of the XIV can support the final weight.   And the really nice thing?   This feature is available at no extra cost.

(edited 27/7/11 to clarify feature code 0200 will be different for XIV Gen3).


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I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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  4. edsoncongolo says:

    Hi,Very Nice blog, can i migrate all components of gen2 rack to gen3 rack?

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