Brocade SAN Switch Models

IBM has been selling IBM branded Brocade switches since 2001 when we announced the 8-port 2109-S08 and 16-port 2109-S16.   These were classic switches that ran at 1 Gbps. They had a front operator panel with a small keypad (a feature which in the rush to fit in more SFPs, did not appear in future models). Since then IBM has gone on to sell many of Brocades switches and directors.

Sometimes you need to convert a Brocade model name to an IBM model name (or the other way around).  One way to assure yourself with scientific accuracy which type of switch you are working on, is to telnet or SSH to a switch and issue a switchshow command. You will get a switchType value.   In this example, my switch is a switchtype 27.2.

IBM_2005_H08a:admin> switchshow
switchName:     Switch01
switchType:     27.2

Or if you are using the Web GUI, you can also see the switch type on the opening screen.  In this example the switch is a type 34.0.

Having scientifically determined the type of switch, we can now use my decoder ring to determine the IBM machine type, IBM model name and the Brocade model name.  I have ordered the switches by Type number.   There are three things to note:

  1. Brocade have dropped the Silkworm branding, so I have dropped it too.
  2. Each switch type has sub-types, for example 34.0 and 34.1.  The difference is a sub-version number which is normally not published or documented.
  3. IBM  announced 16 Gbps SAN switches on August 16, 2011 so I updated the chart on that date.
2.x	1 Gbps	3534-1RU				Brocade 2010
3.x	1 Gbps	2109-S08				Brocade 2400
6.x	1 Gbps	2109-S16				Brocade 2800
9.x	2 Gbps	2109-F16				Brocade 3800 (Cylon)
10.x	2 Gbps	2109-M12				Brocade 12000 (Ulysses)
12.x	2 Gbps	2109-F32				Brocade 3900 (Terminator)
16.x	2 Gbps	3534-F08				Brocade 3200 (Mojo)
21.x	2 Gbps	2109-M14				Brocade 24000 (Meteor)
22.x	2 Gbps 			IBM BladeCenter Module	Brocade 3016 (Blazer)
26.x	2 Gbps	2005-H16				Brocade 3850 (Dazzler)
27.x	2 Gbps	2005-H08				Brocade 3250 (DazzlerJR)
32.x	4 Gbps	2005-B32	SAN32B-2 		Brocade 4100 (Pulsar)
34.x	4 Gbps	2005-B16	SAN16B-2 		Brocade 200E (Stealth)
37.x	4 Gbps 			IBM BladeCenter module	Brocade 4020 (Blazer2)
38.x	2 Gbps	2109-A16	SAN16B-R 		Brocade AP7420 (Mars)
42.x	4 Gbps	2109-M48	SAN256B			Brocade 48000 (Saturn)
43.x	4 Gbps			HP BladeCenter Module	Brocade 4024
44.x	4 Gbps	2005-B64	SAN64B-2		Brocade 4900 (Viking)
46.x	4 Gbps	2005-R18	SAN18B-R 		Brocade 7500 (Sprint)
46.x	4 Gbps	2005-R04	SAN04B-R 		Brocade 7500E (Sprint)
58.x	4 Gbps	2005-B5K	SAN32B-3		Brocade 5000 (Pulsar2)
62.x	8 Gbps	2499-384	SAN768B			Brocade DCX
64.x	8 Gbps	2498-B80	SAN80B-4		Brocade 5300
66.x	8 Gbps	2498-40E	SAN40B-4 Express	Brocade 5100
66.x	8 Gbps	2498-B40	SAN40B-4		Brocade 5100
67.x	8 Gbps	2498-E32 	Encryption Switch	Brocade Encryption Switch
71.x	8 Gbps	2498-24E	SAN24B-4 Express	Brocade 300
71.x	8 Gbps	2498-B24	SAN24B-4		Brocade 300
73.x	8 Gbps 	10 port		IBM BladeCenter module	Brocade 5470 (Blazer3)
73.x	8 Gbps 	20 port 	IBM BladeCenter module	Brocade 5470 (Blazer3)
76.x	CEE	3758-B32 	IBM Converged Switch 	Brocade 8000
77.x	8 Gbps	2499-192	SAN384B			Brocade DCX-4S
83.x	8 Gbps	2498-R06	SAN06B-R		Brocade 7800
121.x	16 Gbps	2499-416	SAN384B-2		Brocade DCX8510-4
120.x	16 Gbps	2499-816	SAN384B-4		Brocade DCX8510-8
109.x 	16 Gbps	2499-F48	SAN48B-5		Brocade 6510

If you use Data Center Fabric Manager (DCFM), it actually displays the Switch Type using Brocade model names.    Here is an example report from the DCFM we are running in my lab.  This level of information is very helpful.


About Anthony Vandewerdt

I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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24 Responses to Brocade SAN Switch Models

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  2. Dennis says:

    Switch Type is handy for firmware upgrades. Making sure you know exactly what model you have and correlating that to the FOS notes is important when preparing for updates. I believe DCFM uses Type as well to determine what firmware to offer for each switch in its Firmware Management window. If you have multiple FOS versions in the repository (6.0.x, 6.1.x, 6.2.x, etc) and you have switches of different ages, you will see that DCFM won’t offer the newer FOS versions to older switches with which it is not compatible.

  3. sait says:

    what is the difference between 2498-24E and 2498-B24 ?

    • avandewerdt says:

      Phyisically identical. 24E is ordered as a volume product ordered using part numbers.
      B24 is ordered using feature codes as “build to order”. Basically two ways to order the same thing.

  4. sait says:

    Thank you very much. our problem is that 24E doesn’t support libraries but only B24. do you know if they are same product then is there anyway to convert 24E to B24 by firmware or license upgrade ?

    • avandewerdt says:

      Thats strange. Both 24E and B24 are a Brocade 300 switch (to confirm, do a switchshow and confirm the switch type is 71.x)
      Both switches are identical in every way including the hardware and the firmware.
      There is no concept of conversion as there is really nothing to convert.

  5. sait says:

    yes it’s extremely strange. B24 and 24E is phisically same products, some specifications are optional with 24E, you can get them with some licences. it’s interesting that B24 is in the list of hardware withdrawal of IBM on February 15, 2010 and they suggest to use 24E. but in the hardware support matrix it’s shown that only B24 supports library. IBM guys told that if we buy some licences (Full Fabric, trunking activation etc.) upgrade then 24E will support libraries and become B24 or work like B24. then we bought all licences but no way, no chance. then IBM guys reported that 24E has no option to support libraries :)) and now we are looking for other products :)))

    • avandewerdt says:

      This is nuts. We withdrew the B24 in some countries but always retained the 24E. Either product is functionally the same. Are you have issues that prevent something from working or looking for a support statement?

  6. Wayne Keseberg says:

    Perhaps too specific, but could an IBM customer stick with FOS 6.0 in a Brocade 48000 if features new to later FOS are not required — just the basics?

    • Its a great question. There are two aspects to new firmware releases:

      1) New functions – normally delivered by major releases, e.g. version 7 version 6 brings in lots new function
      2) Function fix. Updates to provide fixes for issues seen after release. e.g. 6.1.0b versus 6.1.0a

      The question then becomes, do I upgrade only for new function or do I upgrade on a regular basis to get the latest function fix,
      or do I want for something to go wrong and then upgrade?
      Many clients have the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fit it approach’ meaning they take that third way and do code updates in a reactive manner, the whole time hoping no issues occur as it lets them avoid the work (and potential disruption) of doing regular updates.

      My take is that if you are on an old level, most support organizations immediately spot that and start refusing to be very helpful on the basis that your code is ‘too old’.
      I also think that being at least on the latest level of function fix in the family level you are in, is very worth while.

      So would I recommend FOS 6.0 ? No I would not…. it is a x.0 release which means it was a major refresh.
      I would recommend the latest 6.3 release,

      Hope this helps!

  7. Andrewboy says:

    Happy to find this page, it helped me, but i found out anyway that 2948 is a brocade 300 sw.
    Sad thing it is not workin with EVA P6500 , switching 8Gb transceivers is not helped, but caused an issue, which is “port faulted due to SFP validation failure. Please check if the SFP is valid for the configuration.” SFP was taken from an older brocade SW , but not working.
    P6500 can not auto negotiate with switch even when it is fixed port speed. Strange , but TX power level is 0.1 uWatts when it is attached to switchport. Port and transceiver swap is not helps. Have no idea what to do. FOS is 6.2.2 quite old, but i never made update on fibre switch. Any help ?

    • You cannot use non-Brocade SFPs in a Brocade switch that uses 8 GBps capable ASICs as the ASICs now check to ensure the SFPs are qualified.
      This means trying to re-use older SFPs or SFPs from a non-Brocade switch is not going to work.

      • Andrewboy says:

        Thanks a lot, i have tried it, but as you said it not operating. I have managed to get working state P6500 and switches, all i have to do is switch auto negotiation of and change fillwords to 0 for safety, because i found a disclaimer for FOS 6.2 is changed fillwords that may cause problems. On the other hand it recognised nicely without fill word, only changing auto negotiation setting for ports. Actually older sfps from an older brocade, and emc switch, but neither is working, thankfully we have twice as many sfp as currently is in use. :)

  8. Omar says:

    Hola, tengo un “10 port 8 Gb SAN SM P/N 44×1921 FRU 44×1927 Silkworm 5470″ con FOS v6.4.2b” e instalado los siguientes SFP:
    SFP BROCADE 8 Gb FRU: 44X1974 (funciona correctamente)
    El mensaje de error es:
    “Port 16 port faulted due to SFP validation failure. Please check if the SFP is valid for the configuration”, Message ID “C2-1001”
    Esto es devido a que los SFP JDSU NO SON COMPATIBLES con el switch Brocade ????

    • Hi.

      Not speaking Spanish, I asked Yahoo to Translate your comment and it says:
      “Hello, I have “10 port 8 Gb SAN SM P/N 44×1921 FRU 44×1927 Silkworm 5470 ″ with FOS v6.4.2b” and installed the following SFP: 8 SFP BROCADE Gb FRU: 44X1974 (it works correctly) SFP JDSU 8Gb FRU: 49Y4123 (THEY DO NOT WORK) The error message is: “Port 16 port faulted due to SFP validation failure. For Please check if the SFP is valid the configuration”, Message YOU GO “C2-1001 ″ This is because SFP JDSU ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with switch Brocade? Thanks”

      So you are correct, the JDSU SFP is not Brocade branded so it will not work. The 8 and 16 Gbps ASICs in Brocade switches check the manufacturer ID reported by the SFP and if they are not Brocade (or certain qualified CWDM SFPs) then it will not work with them.

      • Omar Reissing says:

        Thanks Anthony.
        I have :
        -1 BladeCenter Chasis H Type 8852 HC1.
        -1 10 port 8Gb SAN SM P/N 44×1921 FRU 44×1927 Silkworm 5470
        -4 BladeCenter servers HS22 type 7870 AC1 con QLogic 4Gb Fibre Channel Expansion Card (CIOv) for IBM BladeCenter.
        -1 IBM System Storage DS3524 Express Dual Controller Storage System con 8Gb FC 4 Port Daughter Card.
        Los SFP JDSU 8Gb FRU 49Y4123 funcionan correctamente sobre el STORAGE pero NO en el SWITCH BROCADE.

        He realizado el reclamo a IBM Argentina solicitando un cambio de los SFP JDSU a Brocade, pero luego de enviarles un “supportShow” del switch me dicen que no encuentran problema de hardware.

        Seguire insistiendo.

        Gracias Anthony nuevamente.
        Omar Reissing.
        Bahia Blanca – Argentina.

  9. Paulo Silva says:

    I’m looking for 4Gbps SFP’s for an old Silkworm 4100, and found some on a Brocade 300 pricelist, but these have a description saying they must be used in 8Gbps-capable Brocade switches. Do you know if they will work on the 4100, as the only other option would be to buy a new 5100 to replace the old model. (I’m trying to upgrade from 24 to 32 ports, so it is very expensive to just replace everything…)

    • They sure will. An 8 Gbps SFP will work in a 4 Gbps switch. The only issue you will strike is the 8 Gbps switches need Brocade branded SFPs. Not a problem for you when using a 4 Gbps switch.

  10. karlochacon says:

    Anthony, by any chance do you have the FRU number for these IBM Switch?

    2499-416 SAN384B-2 Brocade DCX8510-4 ?
    2499-F48 SAN48B-5 Brocade 6510 ?

    thanks a lot

  11. abu says:

    Can any one please assists me in knowing the currect compatible firmware version for Brocade3800

  12. pandu says:

    How to check the Switch details in DCFM.?

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