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IBM Support Site updates up to July 25, 2011

Hi Team. Rob Jackard from the ATS Group does a great job amalgamating IBM storage site updates so I am sharing them here with you.  Here is my high level view: AIX Users:   Review the service dates for your … Continue reading

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Spot the differences

As a child I used to love the spot the difference cartoon in the Sunday paper. You usually had 10 differences to circle… and I could never find the last one. Look carefully at the two machines below.  Can you … Continue reading

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Brocade SAN Health – it rocks!

This fits into the category of oldie but a goodie…. Let me share with you a great tool that will make your life easier and won’t cost you a cent: Brocade SAN Health. If you have used it then you … Continue reading

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XIV Gen3 – No optical illusion

Tiny toast or giant hand?  It not an optical illusion. When IBM offered 2 TB drives on the XIV, I thought I was seeing an illusion: the overall power consumption had dropped (not risen).   Guess what?  With XIV Gen3, … Continue reading

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Brocade SAN Switch Models

IBM has been selling IBM branded Brocade switches since 2001 when we announced the 8-port 2109-S08 and 16-port 2109-S16.   These were classic switches that ran at 1 Gbps. They had a front operator panel with a small keypad (a … Continue reading

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Kangaroo Hops with Brocade

(image care of If you have Brocade fibre channel switches in your SAN, you need to be aware of the method which Brocade use to manage firmware releases.   All  4 and 8 Gbps Brocade SAN switches use a Linux … Continue reading

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A Farewell to Singapore

Just a quick post as I am leaving Singapore to return to Melbourne, I thought I would share two more photos with you. No trip to Singapore is complete without a visit to the Merlion, the mythical creature who acts … Continue reading

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