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If your reading my blog, your probably interested in IBM Storage hardware (since apart from Bow Ties, thats all I talk about).   So I would hope your already subscribed to IBM’s notification service that you will find here.     Rob Jackard from the ATS Group (an IBM Business Partner based in the USA) puts together a summary of these notifications which he sends to me on a regular basis.   So I am bringing them to you here.   Now hopefully none of these alerts are news to you…   but please, have a read and if you have not done so already…. SUBSCRIBE!

DS3000 / DS4000 / DS5000:

(2011.06.09) IBM Retain Tip# H202771 – Expanding Dynamic Capacity Expansion (DCE) large arrays may fail due to out of memory conditions.
NOTE: The 7.xx firmware for the DS Storage Controller is affected.  This is a permanent restriction.  Possible workarounds are available.
(2011.05.27) Documentation: Instructions for opening the IBM System Storage DS Storage Manager interface are incorrect.
(2011.05.25) DS3950 / DS4000 / DS5000 Recommended Firmware Levels.
(2011.05.18) IBM Retain Tip# H202849 – Dynamic Volume Expansion is not possible on a LUN which is in an active mirror relationship with write-mode of ‘Asynchronous not write-consistent’.
NOTE: The DS Storage Controller is affected.  A workaround is available.
(2011.05.10) IBM Retain Tip# H202771- Expanding (DCE) large arrays may fail due to out of memory conditions.

 DS8000 / DS6000:

(2011.06.07) DS8800 Code Bundle Information.

N series:

(2011.06.03) EXN3500 (2857-006) Storage Expansion Unit Publication Matrix.
(2011.05.19) Excessive drive spinning up (0x2 – 0x4 0x1) messages on healthy EXN3000.
(2011.05.05) NEWS: Recommended Releases for IBM System Storage N series Data ONTAP.
(2011.04.28) DataFabric Manager (DFM) 4.0.2 Publication Matrix.


(2011.05.10) Cisco MDS Field Notice: FN-63416 – DS-C9124 & DC-C9148 have incorrect MAC Programming; UMPIRE Program in Place.


(2011.05.19) Intel has reported PAGE FAULT OR CORRUPTED DATA USING 64-BIT APP IN 64-BIT NOS (Fix is Now Available).

SVC / Storwize V7000:

(2011.06.10) IBM SAN Volume Controller Code V6.2.0.1.
(2011.06.10) IBM Storwize V7000 Code V6.2.0.1.
(2011.06.10) SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 Software Upgrade Test Utility V6.5.
(2011.06.10) IBM Storwize V7000 Initialization Tool.
(2011.06.10) Storwize V7000 Concurrent Compatibility and Code Cross Reference.
(2011.06.10) IBM Storwize V7000 V6.2.0 – Installable Information Center and Guides.
(2011.06.10) IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 V6.2 – Command-Line Interface Guide.
(2011.06.10) IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller and Storwize V7000 V6.2 – Troubleshooting Guide.
(2011.06.10) Incorrect Usage of Drive Upgrade Command May Cause Loss Of Access to Data.
NOTE: This issue was resolved by APAR IC74636 in the V6.1.0.8 release of the Storwize V7000 software.
(2011.06.10) Storwize V7000 and SAN Volume Controller FlashCopy Replication Operations Involving Volumes Greater Than 2 TB in Size Will Result in Incorrect Data Being Written to the FlashCopy Target Volume.
NOTE: This issue is fixed by APAR IC76806 in the and PTF releases.
(2011.06.08) IBM SAN Volume Controller Code V6.1.0.9.
(2011.06.08) IBM Storwize V7000 Code V6.1.0.9.
(2011.05.27) IBM SAN Volume Controller Code V6.1.0.8.
(2011.05.27) IBM Storwize V7000 Code V6.1.0.8.

(2011.05.27) Storwize V7000 Systems Running V6.1.0.0-V6.1.0.6 Code May Shut Down Unexpectedly During Normal Operation, Resulting in a Loss of Host Access and Potential Loss of Fast-Write Cache Data.

NOTE: If a single node shutdown event does occur when running V6.1.0.8, this node will automatically recover and resume normal operation without requiring any manual intervention.  IBM Development is continuing to work on a complete fix for this issue, to be released in a future PTF, however customers should upgrade to V6.1.0.8 to avoid an outage.
(2011.05.09) SVC V4.3.x End of Service – April 30, 2012.


(2011.06.10) Administration of the TPC Environment: A Guide for TPC Administrators.

(2011.06.08) TPC4.2.x  – Supported Storage Products Matrix.

(2011.06.08) TPC 4.1.x – Supported Storage Products List.

(2011.05.23) Shutdown sequence for TPC for Replication.

(2011.05.19) Fabric probe causes instability in Brocade DCFM server.
NOTE: Brocade Defect 332161 has been identified and is resolved in DCFM version 10.4.5.

(2011.05.19) Configuring Oracle for TPC for Databases.

(2011.05.17) TPC web browser support – Firefox 4.x and Internet Explorer 9.

(2011.05.06) TPC- Resolving Issues with Cisco Switches.

(2011.05.05) How to resolve TSPC Server service start problems when TIVGUID is mistakenly uninstalled.

(2011.04.29) Tivoli Storage Productivity Center v4.1.1 Fix Pack 6 (April 2011).

(2011.04.29) TPC database size increases after upgrade to 4.2.1.


(2011.06.09) IBM XIV Host Attachment Kit for AIX v1.6.

(2011.05.24) Potential Problem on XIV Storage System ranging microcode versions 10.2.2 thru 10.2.4.a that can be caused by changing system time via Network Time Protocol (NTP) or when changing the clock via XCLI.

(2011.05.10) IBM XIV Storage System Planning Guide.

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