Does your XIV know its own address?

A quick blog post about XIV call home…..   As with most IBM products, the XIV can call home to IBM using e-mail notifications.    I still meet people who call this dial-home, which reflects the 20th century practice of using modems to provide a Remote Support Facility (RSF).   The e-mail notifications sent by the XIV allow IBM to track any issues that may occur and respond where appropriate.

This is all good, provided IBM know how to get hold of you if there actually is an issue.  I had a situation recently where our internal client records had an out-of-date phone number.   This led to a delay in problem resolution, a delay which was avoidable.

One way to help prevent delays is by keeping the XIV up to date with your contact details and as usual, the XIV GUI makes this easy.

From the XIV GUI, head to the Support menu as per the screen capture below:

From there you will find several tabs, three of which are well worth filling in, these being:

  • Customer Information:  Where is the machine?
  • Primary Contact:  Who should IBM try contacting first?
  • Secondary Contact:  Who should IBM try contacting second?

Actually don’t hesitate to fill in ALL the tabs, but the point of this exercise is to at least ensure IBM know where the machine is and who to call.

Its worth ensuring the XIV is updated if your support center phone numbers change, or if you relocate the machine to a different site.     At some client sites, I find the primary contact is a single person (whose mobile number sadly ends up being the 24 hour storage help desk). If you are that person…. and your leaving the company….  ensure your name and number gets updated by your replacement.   After all, its one thing to have IBM calling you at 3am when you manage the machine… but to be rung after you have left the company?   Mmmm… thats just plain annoying.


About Anthony Vandewerdt

I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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4 Responses to Does your XIV know its own address?

  1. karlochacon says:

    hi Anthony I know you published this long time ago but I already filled the information for the call home
    now where to I put the SMTP serer information?

    I see requirements here but no where to insert them

    thanks a lot

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