VAAI and vCenter plugin for Storwize V7000 and SVC

***  Updated 25/07/2011:   The VAAI plugin can be downloaded from here:


The May 9 announcement that SVC and Storwize V7000 will support VAAI is very welcome news.   The fundamental point is that the SVC and Storwize V7000 virtualise external storage. This means that the mountains of DS3000, DS4000, DS5000, AMS1000s, CX3s, etc, that are currently being virtualized behind these products, will inherit VAAI as soon as the virtualization layer supports it.     This is yet another feature to add to the list of functions that IBM Storage virtualization can provide, such as: EasyTier; Thin Provisioning; multiple consistency groups; snapshots; remote mirroring; dynamic data relocation…  the list goes on.

In addition we are releasing a plug-in for vCenter that enables VMware administrators to manage their SVC or Storwize V7000 from within the VMware management environment

Functions will include:

  • Volume provisioning and resizing
  • Displaying information about volumes
  • Viewing general information about Storwize V7000 and SVC systems
  • Receiving events and alerts for Storwize V7000 systems and SVC attached to vSphere
  • The Storwize V7000 and SVC plug-in for vCenter will also supports virtualized external disk systems

The plug-in will be available at no charge on June 30 (for Version 6.1 software) and July 31 (Version 6.2).   Here is a sneak peak of what it will look like:

And to get an independent viewpoint have a read of Stephen Fosketts blog entry here:


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