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Breaking through the 2TB barrier

There was a time when 32 bits was considered a lot.   A hell of a lot. With 32 bits, you can create a hexadecimal number as big as 0xFFFFFFFE (presuming we reserve one bit). In decimal that’s 4,294,967,295.   … Continue reading

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The XIV Host Attachment Kit

As you would expect, the IBM XIV supports a very wide range of Host Operating Systems. Even better, for most of these Operating Systems, IBM makes available (free-of-charge) a multipathing kit to install on these hosts.  We call this the … Continue reading

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Storwize V7000 now on VisioCafe!

Hi Team!  Just wanted to let everyone know that VisioCafe has been updated with IBM’s latest official stencils for use with Microsoft Visio.  These include all models of the Storwize V7000, including the newest models:  The 2076-312 and 2076-324 (which … Continue reading

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Fantastic airport video

I found a link to great video on Jason Boches Virtualization blog and I thought I would post it here as well. What the video shows is 70 minutes worth of take-offs and landings at Logan International Airport in Boston, … Continue reading

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Does your XIV know its own address?

A quick blog post about XIV call home…..   As with most IBM products, the XIV can call home to IBM using e-mail notifications.    I still meet people who call this dial-home, which reflects the 20th century practice of … Continue reading

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Storwize V7000 Capacity Upgrades

Its a story told many times….. You order a new storage solution and the world is good. It’s lovely, it’s new and it offers mountains of new disk space….    but then…  you…. fill it up! So its off to … Continue reading

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Despite Itself, EMC Chooses IBM

Just a very quick blog post to point you to another blog post that I found particularly pleasing.   To be fair, the independent judges on the panel were the ones that selected IBM, rather than EMC itself….  but the recognition is … Continue reading

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