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IBM XIV Management Console For VMware vCenter Version 2

Last week IBM released Version 2 of the management plug-in for VMware vCenter.   The main benefit of Version 1 (the previous release) was that it allowed you to map your datastores to XIV volumes (i.e. which XIV volume equates … Continue reading

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XIV GUI and the decimal/binary divide

For someone who blogs so frequently about the IBM XIV,  I will let you in on a little pet hate of mine:   The XIV uses decimal volume sizes. The XIV GUI and CLI  has the user create volumes using … Continue reading

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VAAI and XIV – Its here!

I have some great news regarding VAAI support for XIV. Let me detail the current situation: VMware has approved the IBM driver for VAAI and we can now release it to the public.   The IBM_VAAIP_MODULE plugin will be available shortly … Continue reading

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IBM and Windows Disk partition alignment

A question I get routinely asked relates to Windows disk partition alignment with XIV.   If you don’t know what I am talking about, take some time to read these very useful pages from our friends at Microsoft.  Once you … Continue reading

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IBM stuns the IT world with new System XIZ

THE FOLLOWING BLOG ENTRY WAS MY APRIL FOOLS DAY JOKE FOR 2011. PLEASE DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY.  #:-) In a stunning pre-announcement, timed for the first day of the new month, IBM has revealed a remarkable new generation of Storage … Continue reading

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