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Storwize V7000 Visio Stencil

(Edited 24/5/2011 to remove links to old VisioCafe stencils. VisioCafe has been updated with IBM’s latest official stencils for use with Microsoft Visio.  These include all models of the Storwize V7000, including the newest models:  The 2076-312 and 2076-324 (which have the dual port 10 Gbps … Continue reading

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Migrating a RHEL v5 host to XIV

I just successfully migrated a client RHEL v5 Linux system (using an EMC CLARiiON with PowerPath) to an XIV.  I thought I would document the process we followed and any lessons learnt. So if you’re interested in how to migrate … Continue reading

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XIV Write Performance with 10.2.4 code

The XIV 10.2.4 release notes report performance improvements that are worth investigating.  Two of the reported improvements listed are: Improved write hit performance with small blocks Improved write caching performance I visited a client running 10.2.4 to see if these … Continue reading

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1 into 8 does not go!

Its easy to make a fool of yourself. Its not hard to do. All you is need is a moment of inattention combined with a massive assumption.   In fact assumptions can bring you undone at any time.   A former … Continue reading

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XIV and SNMP – lets walk the walk

A new XIV MIB has been posted on the MIB download site for XIV, found here: This reminded me of my plan to blog on how to use SNMP to probe the XIV using an SNMP walk.  In this … Continue reading

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Plagiarism is a compliment, right?

A friend of mine sent me a direct message on Twitter that pointed out something interesting….   A blog post I had written on SDDPCM had been copied word for word by another site.     A little bit of … Continue reading

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Storwize V7000 now fully supports 10 enclosures

When IBM first released the Storwize V7000, we announced it was capable of supporting ten enclosures, but would on initial release support only five.    We stated that this restriction would be lifted in Q1. The good news is that … Continue reading

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