XIV Training anyone?

I am starting the week in Adelaide having travelled here to teach an XIV course:
SSA0AU XIV Technical Training.

I really enjoy teaching, particularly when the students are coming from a non-IBM background.   It gives me the chance to better learn how IBM’s products  compare to our competitors, because the experiences and view points come from real end users.   It also helps me to reconfirm my knowledge and understanding of our own products.
There is a very basic rule in IT:   If you cannot explain a concept to someone else, you probably don’t understand it yourself.

The course consists of a day of lectures and a day of labs (using the XIV Labs in Montpellier France).   Here is the course layout.

Day 1

  • Unit 1 – IBM XIV Storage System
  • Unit 2 – IBM XIV administration
  • Unit 3 – Implementation and configuration
  • Unit 4 – Host systems attachment and mappings using FCP
  • Unit 5 – Host systems attachment and mapping using iSCSI
  • Unit 6 – Copy Services

Day 2

  • Lab 0 – Lab setup and preliminary instructions
  • Lab 1 – IBM XIV Storage Management: Installation
  • Lab 2 – IBM XIV Storage Management: Configuration
  • Lab 3 – Host definition and mappings: Attaching a Windows server to an XIV
  • Lab 4 – Host definition and mappings: Attaching an AIX server to an XIV
  • Lab 5 – Host definition and mappings: Attaching a Linux server to an XIV
  • Lab 6 – IBM XIV configuration: Monitoring
  • Lab 7 – IBM XIV Copy Services: Snapshots
  • Lab 8 – IBM XIV Copy Services: Remote mirror

The idea is to teach all the concepts on day one and then let the students hit real machines in a remote lab environment on day two.   The hands on part is always the best bit as far as I am concerned (learning by doing always beats learning by listening).   Students who have never touched the XIV GUI always enjoy this part.

A bigger challenge is when you have a student who already has lots of hands on experience. In those cases I work to consolidate what they have already learned.

I am curious, how often do you wait so long to do a course, that there was not much left to learn by the time you actually got to do it?

Oh and please ignore this strange string:  WAFC4PYSDX6J


About Anthony Vandewerdt

I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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2 Responses to XIV Training anyone?

  1. Anthony: Are these courses open to customers or only IBM Sales/SEs?

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