Which tech related podcasts do you listen to?

Podcasts are AWESOME.

Actually I just finished listening to the latest Infosmack podcast.   Their guest was Steve Duplessie and he really was AWESOME.

So… maybe Steve’s overuse of the word AWESOME has overwhelmed me, but the podcast is just brilliant, one of the best Infosmack podcasts I have heard.  I have followed Steve’s blog for some time, but this is the first time I have actually heard him.  It proves the worth of the podcast as a great communication medium.   Well done to everyone involved.

It probably goes without saying, but anyone in the storage business needs to subscribe to the Infosmack podcasts.  Not every episode is as strong as Infosmack Podcast #87, but its really worth taking the time to listen.

I personally use iTunes to subscribe to whole stack of blogs:

  • Background Briefing  (from the Australian Radio National)
  • BusinessWeek
  • The Economist (Audio content from the Economist magazine)
  • IBM developerWorks podcast
  • Infosmack
  • Media Watch (from the Australian ABC network)
  • NPR: Planet Money
  • NPR:  Radio Diaries
  • NPR:  Story of the Day
  • Security Now!
  • This American Life

I have been adding and removing podcasts for some time and I am quite happy with this list from a time perspective (I spend enough time on the road or at the gym to keep up).  However I am looking for more storage related tech podcasts.    Does anyone have any suggestions?


About Anthony Vandewerdt

I am an IT Professional who lives and works in Melbourne Australia. This blog is totally my own work. It does not represent the views of any corporation. Constructive and useful comments are very very welcome.
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2 Responses to Which tech related podcasts do you listen to?

  1. Alex says:

    Yup. These are my favourite killer podcasts (atm):

    1. http://packetpushers.net/ (absolute stunning network podcast)
    2. http://risky.biz/netcasts/risky-business (great, great security podcast)
    3. http://www.vmwarevideos.com/vchat (killer virtualisation one)

    Just sub’d to your RSS feed! Keep writing.


  2. avandewerdt says:

    Thanks so much… this is exactly the kind of response I was looking for.
    I have subscribed to all three and will check them out.

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